commUNITY blueprint

Mindful Practices to Improve your commUNITY.

1.  “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” ~ Gandhi

Foremost, Planet LoveJoy believes in order to create a better world it is crucial for an individual to first look within his or her self and recognize the change her or she would like to see. We feel all people have the power within to create the lives they have always wanted. Only change within ourselves will then begin to change the world around us. An important factor in finding one’s power within is the concept of unconditional love, and WE ARE ALL A SOURCE OF UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Love is a powerful thing, and there will always be people in the world who will be in need of unconditional love due to an array of internal and external conflicts, such as crime and addiction. These individuals and their families are more likely to require the help and support from a source outside of their inner-circles, which normally comes from fellow members of their community. Throughout our lives, we are all affected by the consequences of crime and/or addiction in some way.

2.  Get Involved

Every community is built upon the beautiful foundation of a variety of people, groups, and organizations that blend together into a harmonious machine. Within these single elements of any community, you will find an array of differing passions, perspectives, and approaches that allow your community to function within itself. No matter the size or make-up of any community, this diversity provides the ability for a community to thrive at its highest level. Without active representation from all walks of life, not everyone can be equally represented. It is your responsibility as a member of your community to get involved and make the change you want to see manifest into reality. Volunteering, joining local clubs and organizations, and seeking local leadership roles are all excellent ways to fuel your community. Active initiative is the only way your voice and vision will make a difference.

3.  Adopt an Elder

The community you know and inhabit today has been molded and influenced by many people before your arrival. The elderly of any community harbor insight of your surroundings that newer generations could struggle to grasp without their teachings. With age does come wisdom, so take the opportunity to learn from the history and the preceding generations of your community. With thinning families and increasingly busy lives of the young, the presence of the elderly is readily looked over and is assumed to be managed. Sadly, this is not the case. With rough economic times and many living on fixed incomes, the elderly are often not provided with sufficient emotional and physical support. Take the time to help them with household duties such as cooking, cleaning, laundry, and home maintenance. Many elderly rely on others for transportation to run errands and attend important medical appointments. Spending quality time with them is just as important as well. Many elderly are appreciative to simply have someone with which to converse or even play games and watch television. This can not only provide a sense of belonging to the elderly but also offer a source of accomplishment and purpose within you. My wife and I recently “adopted” our 94-year-old neighbor, and it has brought so much joy to our lives. Do your part to make an elder’s golden years comforting and enjoyable.

4.  Mentor a Youngster

It truly does take a village to raise a child. Along with supporting our older generations, it is even more important to be a positive influence in sculpting the morals of our youth. Planet LoveJoy suggests everyone invest time in our future by modeling for the children the LOVE we wish to see in the world. Too many children in today’s society lack a solid parental guidance system, often leading them to the streets and a life of crime. With proper intervention and the presence of positive role models, troubled youth can be steered in a positive direction and given the opportunity to contribute to their community. By instilling these values at an early age, potentially troubled youth are more likely to prosper as young adults.

5.  Support Local Business and Farmers

With the rise of big business and bargain mega merchandisers has come the inevitable fall of the small and family-owned business. Many communities were established on foundation of independent and family-owned shops and services, and without our local support more and more of these establishments are forced to close their doors each year, leaving the sight of vacant storefronts simultaneously increasing. Skyrocketing processing and shipping prices have taken direct effects on local farmers as well. Farmers and business owners are members of your community and rely on your patronage to rise above rough economic times. Avoid Wal-Mart and other large department and grocery outlets that tend to stock their shelves with foreign goods and out-of-state produce. Shop at local grocers and shops, keeping your money and economic support within your community. Seek farmers’ markets in your area, which allow you to easily access not only local but also fresh produce and handcrafted goods.

6.  Live a Clean and Green Lifestyle

Planet LoveJoy begins and ends with unconditional love for our mother Earth. We only one Earth, and it is our responsibility to take care of it, both globally and locally. There is no Plan B when it comes to our environment and natural resources. There are easy every day steps and tactics we can take to maintain a beautiful earth. Seek local recycling outlets. Most communities offer free recycling pickup alongside your weekly refuse disposal. If pickup is not available, recycling centers are usually available for dropping off your recyclable waste. You would be surprised at how much of our daily trash is able to be recycled or reused. Other ways to protect you environment are to reduce your use of natural resources, such as fuel, electricity, and water. Clean with environmentally friendly products that don’t have the potent to harm the Earth and its wildlife. Remember, at green planet is a healthy planet.

7.  Holistic Health

Planet LoveJoy believes that Holistic Health is the Healthcare of the future.  Meditation, Reiki, Yoga, Sound Therapy, QiGong, Applied Kinesiology, Ho’oponopono, Chiropractor, and Gerson Diet among many other modalities are a way to improve our health and over all well-being.