CommUNITY Projects

Planet LoveJoy has been working tirelessly with community leaders including the borough council, school district, local business, Huntingdon County Business and Industry, and the Huntingdon County Planning Commission to build a partnership to push our town forward.


Linear Park

We are currently working with East Board Preservation Association to create a .9 miles walking path along Pennsylvania Avenue.  Currently the property lacks any sort of landscaping and can be an eyesore to the town.  Mount Union graduate David Pechmann drew up the plans for the project.  We are currently waiting to hear about a grant opportunity for funding.  The plans include a meandering walking path, trees, additional landscaping, benches, and trashcans.

Community Fundraisers

We are currently working with restaurants with the Mount Union Borough and school district officials to develop a fundraiser that not only benefits the kids selling, but pumps money back into our local economy.  In today’s economy fundraisers are a must for any school group, youth group, or sports team.  Many times, these organizations use fundraisers that are based outside our area.  This is will not only benefit the group selling, but will ultimately put money back into our local Mount Union community!  This is currently in development and should be unveiled in the coming month.

River Walk

Mount Union sits right beside the beautiful Juniata River.  A future project that has started development will be to use that natural beauty and create a River Walk along the river.  The River Walk would also connect to the Firemans Trail and the Linear Park.  This is in the early stages of development so all ideas are welcomed.

Strategic Plan

PLJ has been working with a host of community leaders and the borough council, with the leadership of Judy Chambers from the Penn State Extension Office, to create a comprehensive strategic plan for Mount Union.  This is a big step in getting everyone working together and on the same page for where we want Mount Union to go.  You can see the notes from the first meeting on our main page.

Bypass mural Project

PLJ is currently hosting a contest for local artist to design Mount Union Themed Murals.  Two winners will be chosen by a panel of community members.  The winning designs will be painted on the pillars along the Riverwalk on either the James Dicosimo Bypass or the Neu Bridge.

Mount Union K.I.A. Memorial

Planet LoveJoy is taking on another amazing and important project. Recently, an anonymous veteran came asked if I would help him get a memorial at the Mount Union High School for all Mount Union/Captain Jack veterans who were killed in action. The memorial will cost roughly $6,000 and we have raised $3,000 so far.

Mount Union community banners

PLJ has recently raised funds to create and install banners of community pride on 20 street light poles that will be installed as part of Mount Unity Weekend.