CHAMP 2016

The 2016 CHAMP dance marathon will be held on Saturday February 27th at the Huntingdon Area High School.  It is sponsored by PlanetLoveJoy, Juniata College, Juniata Valley school district, Mount Union Area school district, Huntingdon Area school district, and Southern Huntingdon Count school district.

The CHAMP kids this year are:  Destiny Devlin, Brentlee Barney, Gracie and Aiden Covert, Ashton Stone, Nathan Glasgow, and Jared Hatch.

Families that were chosen through the community via Dear CHAMP Letters: Evan Yoder (HASD), Jennifer McMullen (HASD), Shelby Parsons (SHCSD), Kristy Bookwalter (MUASD), and Byler Family (JVSD).

An itinerary of events will be posted when finalized.