Planet LoveJoy has been committed to trying to help local kids with life-threatening illnesses.  In Mount Union, being rurally located, when a young child is in need of serious medical care, considerable traveling is often involved.  Costs associated with travel including gas, tolls, food, and hotel fees typically aren’t offset with medical insurance.  Sometimes the medical attention they need isn’t always covered.

We started with the “Fab 4″ which then turned into the  “Fab 5″ which are five amazing youngsters battling cancer.  We've now grown into the "Super 6" and most recently "Spectacular 7".  We also have helped out a young boy that needed a kidney transplant and most recently a young girl that is in desperate need of both a heart and lung transplant.  Our next project will benefit a a family that had two children with terminal illness, a young girl that is need of reconstructive surgery after being attacked by a dog, and a family that has one infant twin in the hospital after loosing the second twin.

We started off with the “Hike For Hope” up the Thousand Steps just outside the borough of Mount Union.  The “Turkey Bowl” which was a flag football tournament followed next.  Then we held at Comedy Show at the Mount Union VFW.  “Dodging for Jazzy”, a dodgeball tournament was the next undertaking.  In the summer of 2013 “Planet LoveJoy Golf Tournament” at the American Legion Country Club. Most recently, we held the 2nd annual Turkey Bowl. This year it benefited three different families with children that have life threatening medical issues.

In the midst of heartache for these kids the community has joined together to help support these families.  These events have had tremendous turnout and have been a lot of fun!!