Planet LoveJoy is committed to BEING THE CHANGE. Our mission is to help people awaken to their full potential ultimately creating One Family on One Planet.


Our Mission

I’m Jeremy Crouse and I am the founder of Planet LoveJoy. Thank You for coming to our page. Notice I said our—meaning Planet LoveJoy belongs to you, too. We are all on individual journeys of self-discovery, yet through it all we are all connected.
Planet LoveJoy is a multi-dimensional company. First and foremost we want to encourage each and every one of you to search within, uncover, and then live your divine purpose. In doing so, we believe we will do our part in helping the world by awakening the true purpose—we are ONE Family on ONE Planet. Our main objective is to offer our lives as service to you, in order to help and encourage you to live your passion, which in turn, fulfills our lives as well.

My life’s journey lead me through many different life-altering experiences. I was born on Valentine’s Day in 1977. From the beginning stages of my life, I have always known I was destined to help bring some kind of spiritual path to the earth. As a young child, I always felt like I was trying to fit in somewhere. This quest to fit in resulted in very diverse activities—sports, band, chorus, school musicals, church youth groups, and Boy Scouts.

From a young age, I was intuitive. I was fortunate in that I knew all major life events that were going to happen to me—before they happened. I had a vision while at the Creation Festival at Agape Farm when I was an early teen. I saw myself preaching to crowds of people and knew my life’s purpose would be to bring healing to multitudes, the world over.

Upon Graduation from high school I enrolled in college at Penn State-Altoona. Not long after, I was welcomed into a new reality filled with drugs and crime. I was selling drugs and doing other petty crimes while avoiding classes, and eventually just quit going. The Drug Ecstasy became the big drug of choice and I became one of the major suppliers on the East Coast. Over the next several years, I lived a fast life, owning and promoting nightclubs. That lifestyle, when combined with the drug culture, eventually landed me in Federal Prison. As strange as it may sound, I knew this was meant to happen ever since I was a youngster. This was part of my destiny. These experiences were put forth in order for me to experience contrast and acceptance, while making me humble.

Prison was one of the best experiences of my life. Of course it’s also the place you want to get out of from the time you arrive, but it is such a beautiful place for people to examine their lives. I took advantage of my time there to explore all the spiritual beliefs. I came out a new and rejuvenated man ready to make a mark on the world uniting it in LOVE.

One of the first people I met upon coming out of prison was Theresa Messano. She is our musician who writes inspiring music to help heal the world. Theresa has been like my spiritual twin since we met. We both are intuitive and open to all spirituality. We share a passion for changing the world and realize that it happens with ourselves first.

I next met my wife Gretchen. Gretchen is our music teacher who teaches kids through music, how to find their inner purpose. She has brought balance to my world.  Gretchen’s love and desire to help kids through music shows in her everyday life.

This is only part of my story. The calling, or Divine Purpose I have always felt in my life, has resulted in the creation of Planet LoveJoy. When I first came to Theresa and Gretchen about Planet LoveJoy, they both loved the idea and shared similar visions. I contacted an old friend from PSU, Stephen Seidel, and shared our vision—he was instantly on board. Stephen is a beautiful soul who is in the entertainment business making his mark in Hollywood.  Stephen has the passion and drive the inspires people to be their best.

2015 is going to be a special year of creation, power, and massive awakening. We want to be able to help all of you reach your fullest potential, while uniting the world. We believe we are all ONE family on ONE planet. We are here to serve you and make this beautiful world all that much better! Won’t you join us?



Planet LoveJoy

What We've Achieved

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